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Goldco Fees – What You Need to Know

Goldco fees are the fees associated with activity in a Goldco account, such as buying, selling and transferring gold, but can also include administrative fees and storage fees. Goldco makes investing in gold easy and cost effective for both first-time investors and experienced traders.

Before investing in anything it is important to understand the associated costs of investment, such as commissions or other fees charged by your broker. Goldco provides comprehensive information about all its costs upfront so that its customers know exactly what they are paying for. This includes complete transparency on all deposits, transactions costs, trading fees, storage and administrative charges that may be incurred with a Goldco account.

When customers open an account at Goldco they can rest assured knowing that their investments are backed by a secure team of professionals ready to help them make an informed decision about investing in gold. In addition to this assurance, customers also benefit from:

  • Low cost trading
  • Transparent fee structure which can easily be understood when comparing different options before making a final decision.

Types of Fees

When you are considering investing in gold with Goldco, it is important to understand the fees that you may incur. Goldco typically has various types of fees that they charge, including setup and commission fees. In this section, we will explore the different fees that Goldco charges and how they affect your investments.

Account Setup Fees

When opening a Goldco account, there will be a one-time account setup fee. This fee covers the cost of the custodian who will help execute your trades and store your precious metals. It also helps cover administrative overhead associated with establishing your account, as well as any other costs charged to Goldco for setting up an individual’s account. The amount of this fee is determined by the value of investments held when the account is opened and can range from $50-$250.

On top of this one-time setup fee, there may also be annual maintenance fees on select precious metal accounts depending on their value. For example:

  • Goldco’s Silver Advantage program has an account minimum deposit requirement of $10,000 with a $100 maintenance fee charged annually if your balance falls below that amount.
  • Goldco IRA accounts have a minimum deposit requirement of $25,000 and may incur annual fees based on the size and complexity of the asset portfolio.

Storage Fees

Storage fees are any fees charged by a gold dealer for storing gold bullion on behalf of the customer. When purchasing gold, it is important to understand how much you will be charged for storage of your investment and how secure that storage is. Goldco offers secure worldwide storage options at reasonable rates. You can rest assured that your investments are safe with Goldco.

The storage fees customers pay are established by the gold bullion industry, with different security levels available and associated costs. The cost of insurance is usually included in the cost of handling and arbitration fees, and you can choose from a variety of vault locations around the world to obtain additional protection or convenience when necessary. Your Goldco representative will be happy to help you customize an arrangement that best meets your security needs or provide discount information for multi-year contracts.

In order to manage risk as well as keep costs manageable for our clients, Goldco employs both real-time asset tracking technology and multiple oversight layers throughout all activities related to physical gold ownership. All handled assets are segregated and stored separately from those of other clients in strictly equipped vaults which are accessible only after multiple rounds of checks organized by independent representatives affiliated with international standards organizations such as AAA-level organizations.

In addition, our advanced tracking technology issues a warning if any irregularities appear during transactions or while assets remain in our possession, so that corrective measures can be immediately taken during any abnormalities/breach occurrences!

Trading Fees

Goldco charges a trading fee when a customer buys or sells a bullion item. Trading fees are subject to the nature of the purchase transaction, size of the order, type of bullion product being traded and other factors. Generally speaking, Goldco’s trading fees are lower than those at other brokers and exchanges.

Goldco charges customers a storage fee for storing their bullion in one of its strategic storage locations in the US or overseas. Storage fees vary depending on where your account is located; for instance, US accounts are typically more expensive than overseas accounts. All purchases through Goldco also include an add-on recurring insurance/security fee to protect your investment in case of theft or natural disaster.

In addition to these two main types of fees, customers may also incur additional charges such as:

  • Buyback program costs (when available)
  • Third-party shipping costs
  • Optional money transfer fees associated with certain payment methods
  • Bank wire transfer costs (for large amounts)

Customers should contact Goldco directly for complete pricing information.

Withdrawal Fees

Withdrawal fees may be charged to investors by their gold IRA companies when they make a request to transfer funds from their gold retirement accounts. Custodial fees are also commonly subject to withdrawal fees, and many gold investment companies will charge these fees as well. When evaluating different companies, it’s important for investors to consider the potential expense of any withdrawal fees that could be charged when transferring funds from their gold IRA accounts.

Different types of withdrawal fees may include:

  • Early Withdrawal Fee: This fee is typically associated with a gold retirement plan that has a fixed term or time period for which the account must remain active. If an investor elects to withdraw funds before the end of this predetermined time period, an early withdrawal fee is likely to apply.
  • Administrative Fee: Companies may also charge an administrative fee when executing a transfer or check request from a retirement plan account holder that wishes to make a partial distribution or full liquidation of the account’s assets. Depending on the company, this fee could range anywhere between $35 and $50 per transaction.
  • Rollover Fee: This type of withdrawal fee can apply if an investor elects not to liquidate all or part of their IRA assets but instead chooses to rollover any unused funds into another tax-advantaged retirement plan account (such as 401(k)s, etc.). However, this type of transfer usually results in no additional cost as long as investors use the same custodian for both accounts and complete the process within 60 days from initiation of the rollover request.

Before investors make any decision about transferring funds from their gold investment accounts, it is important for them to understand what kind of withdrawal processing charges may potentially apply.

Fee Waivers

Goldco offers a variety of fee waivers and discounts to its clients to help them save money while investing. Depending on the customer’s individual needs and financial situation, Goldco will waive or reduce certain fees to make the investing process more affordable.

In this article, we’ll take a look at what kinds of fee waivers Goldco offers and how to take advantage of them:

Goldco IRA

Goldco offers a wide range of Self-Directed IRA fee structures and services to meet the needs of any investor. The following fees may apply:

  • Employee Contribution Fee – This fee covers the administrative costs associated with processing contributions.
  • Account Maintenance Fee – This covers all account maintenance and consulting services provided by Goldco, including transaction oversight and IRS reporting.
  • Asset Transfer Fees – A one-time fee will be assessed for transferring any Goldco-held IRA assets or investments held in another custodian’s name into a Goldco Self-Directed IRA account.
  • Storage Fees – This includes storage fees charged if you choose to store physical precious metals on behalf of your IRA in a depository as part of your investment strategy.

To help our clients maximize their investment, Goldco also offers numerous actionable strategies to waive our above fees in certain scenarios, such as waiving all set up fees for new registrations when transferring an existing qualified retirement plan into a Goldco savings program or when setting up an Alternative Retirement Account with more than $50k in initial asset funded investments. Please contact a representative for more details about currently available fee waivers from Goldco.

Goldco 401(k)

Goldco is dedicated to helping you realize your retirement goals and manage associated fees as part of your retirement plan. Through our 401(k) plan fees, Goldco allows investors the ability to keep costs low while enjoying professional managed services.

The Goldco 401(k) plan offers a number of features, including but not limited to:

  • A competitive low-cost platform with a variety of investments
  • A reliable managed account with an experienced portfolio advisor
  • Fee waivers for certain types of accounts
  • Vesting options for participants
  • Simple rollover process from other accounts

Fee Waivers: Based on account size and/or status, Goldco may waive certain fees associated with the 401(k) plan. The waived fees are subject to change over time; however, discounts and promotions may be available through specific advisors or affiliates. Check in with your broker or advisor for the most up-to-date information about fee waivers.

Fee Calculators

When investing in precious metals with Goldco, it is important to understand the fees associated with the process. Goldco provides customers with an easy to use fee calculator that can help estimate the amount that will be charged for the purchase.

This calculator can be used to determine the exact investment cost, making sure that customers are making an informed decision when investing.

Goldco IRA Calculator

Goldco Precious Metals offers an online fee calculator to help customers understand their Goldco fees before investing. This fee calculator helps customers gain insight into the fees they can expect to pay when opening a Goldco IRA account, including storage and shipping costs.

When determining the charges associated with opening and maintaining a Goldco IRA, there are several factors to take into account. Before using the IRA Fee Calculator, it is helpful to first determine your budget and understand how much you would like to invest each year or month. Additionally, it is important to familiarize yourself with what type of investment account you are interested in establishing so that you can select the appropriate product from the fee calculator drop-down menu selections.

Once entered into the calculation field, this information automatically generates a rough estimate of the fees associated with offering gold and other precious metals under Goldco’s current terms and conditions for invested capital in an individual retirement account (IRA). Subsequent variables such as age, history of investments, type of gold/precious metal being purchased, current market value of assets purchased, and future contributions may alter total expected costs over time but will be based on future market performance.

The total cost estimate is divided into four sections – setup/account fees, annual storage fees (not applicable if you are storing at home), stacking fees (for fractional bullion purchases only), and shipping fees (not applicable if you are collecting physically in-person) – allowing customers easily comprehend expected expenses over time.

Goldco 401(k) Calculator

When it comes to determining the fees associated with a 401(k) plan, it is important to understand how much you will be charged and for what services. Goldco offers an online fee calculator designed to help customers determine what type of fees they may be subject to based on their specific investments and plan size.

Goldco’s 401(k) fee calculator allows you to enter information such as the size of your retirement plan and the types of investments held in the plan. The calculator then provides information on areas such as asset-based fees, trading fees and additional service fees. Goldco offers a variety of fee structures that are tailored to your individual needs and investments. No matter what kind of investment you choose or how sizable your retirement plan may be, Goldco’s flexible fee structure ensures that all customers have access to fair pricing and cost transparency.

As an additional resource, customers can review our helpful FAQ page which includes tips on understanding your 401(k) expenses. Understanding these costs upfront allows you to make a more informed decision when it comes to selecting account services and building a successful retirement portfolio. If you have any questions about our fee calculator or would like assistance using the tool, please contact us for further assistance and advice on selecting the right fee structure for your situation.


Overall, Goldco is a great option for those looking to buy and sell gold confidently. While their fees are not the lowest available in the industry, they do offer great customer service and a secure platform to use. For those who want a reliable place to buy and sell gold, it is definitely worth giving them a try.

Goldco offers several different types of accounts including an e-wallet that allows customers to store value digitally and an IRA account that allows customers to purchase physical gold as an alternate asset class. Transactions within these accounts can be conducted quickly and easily with competitive fees associated with each. Consumers should also be aware of any taxes or transaction fees that may apply, which vary depending on the services used and on state laws. Additionally, Goldco offers its customers access to coin dealers around the U.S., allowing them greater options when buying or selling gold coins through the platform.

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