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Divorce Attorney Chula Vista

Marisa E. Nahale, at Broaden Law LLP, is the #1 divorce attorney in Chula Vista, specializing in uncontested divorces, mediation services, and collaborative divorce. Here's how to choose the best divorce attorney:

  • Understand What Your Divorce Lawyer Does

While some attorneys are great listeners and take the time to address your emotional problems, remember that it's not their role to deal with your pain, anger, sadness, or frustration. Do not rely on a divorce attorney for advice on whether you should get a divorce.

It is a personal decision, and the attorney doesn't really have a say in that. Look for lawyers who are known for their experience, negotiation abilities, exceptional communication skills, and helping clients achieve a quick resolution.

  • Choose An Attorney Who Is A Right Fit

Interview at least three to four prospective attorneys to find out the one who best fits your needs and goals. More importantly, you need to hire someone you like and have confidence in their abilities and communication style. While some attorneys pride themselves on an aggressive demeanor, others highlight their ability to collaborate and settle. If you wish to avoid a drawn-out courtroom battle, look for attorneys with a reputation for negotiating the best divorce settlement cases.

Make sure to hire someone whose personality meshes with yours. For instance, if you wish to compromise and settle your divorce economically, you want to refrain from hiring an aggressive attorney. On the other hand, you should hire a lawyer with several collaborative law certifications if your goal is to settle quickly.

  • Look For Specialized Attorneys

When getting a divorce, look for an attorney experienced in family law matters. If your divorce involves child custody issues, you need someone expert at handling custody cases. Different areas of the law have their own set of rules and requirements. Attorneys in each practice area come with different skill sets. Hiring someone specializing in family law with a thorough understanding of divorce proceedings can add value to your case.

  • Set Realistic Expectations

The best family divorce lawyer will walk you through the legal aspects of your divorce process. While some parts of your divorce case can be emotional and unavoidable, a good lawyer should help you focus on your divorce proceedings and your long-term goals.

Make sure to work with a lawyer who makes an honest effort to learn about issues important to you and finds a way to convey that importance in a productive and straightforward manner. Gaining a clear understanding of what your lawyer does best can help you have realistic expectations for your divorce case.

Your ongoing search to find a good divorce attorney ends here. Call us at 619-567-6845 to hire the best divorce attorney in Chula Vista, Marisa E. Nahale. Broaden Law LLP is a top attorney firm with the best lawyers and numerous positive reviews from past clients. We have helped our clients handle their divorce, child custody, child support, and other family law cases in a stress-free manner and achieve a quick resolution.

Divorce Attorney Chula Vista

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