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Detailed And Comprehensive Goldco Review

Goldco is a precious metals investment company that has been in business since 2005. They provide individuals with a secure and cost-effective way to invest in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

In this detailed Goldco review, we will provide an overview of the company, its product offerings, customer service, and more so you can decide for yourself if Goldco is the right choice for investing in precious metals.

Overview of Goldco

Goldco Precious Metals, established in 2007, is a well-known gold investing company that sells both physical gold products and IRS approved gold investments to US citizens throughout the country. The California based business provides customers with vaults and storage services for added protection against theft or loss. The company prides itself in offering excellent customer service and affordable pricing on gold coins, bars and rounds.

For those interested in diversifying their portfolio with a sound investment choice, the services they provide may be the right fit.

Goldco specializes in solidifying long-term relationships with its customers by offering premium quality products that are backed by trustworthy and reliable assistance throughout the entire process of acquiring investments in precious metals. Through their experienced account representatives and helpful customer service staff, Goldco helps clients understand the advantages of investing in gold over traditional financial investments such as stocks or bonds. By providing unbiased education on physical gold ownership as an alternative asset class, they aim to give customers a better understanding of what they are buying when it comes to precious metals investments.

Goldco’s services

Goldco is an innovative and fast-growing precious metals company, offering professional bullion services and premier online support to customers across the United States. With personal and knowledgeable service from our staff of gold investment specialists, Goldco gives customers access to gold coins, bars and more.

The core of Goldco’s service is self-directed IRA accounts that enable clients to own select physical gold and silver assets in a tax-advantaged retirement savings account. Goldco offers a wide selection of IRS-approved bullion products in all forms, including coins, bars, rounds, ingots and various denominations. Clients have access to some of the most highly recognized brands in the industry – including American Eagle coins, Canadian Maple Leaf coins and many others. In addition to traditional gold investments in individual retirement accounts (IRAs), Goldco also provides 401(k) rollover assistance designed to help investors transition account holdings into an IRA with ease. The company also offers storage options at some of the highest rated depository facilities across the country for those who want complete protection for their assets at anytime.

Goldco was founded on the principle that each investor deserves unbiased advice from credentialed wealth advisors when investing their hard earned money into precious metals – like gold – for retirement security or other purposes. Their team has years of experience working with thousands of investors just like you who trust us as custodian for their retirement savings vehicles. Composed almost entirely by US veterans who lead both customer support as well as management functions, we strive every day to exceed not just client expectations but our own high standards too.

Pros and Cons

Investing in gold can be a great way to diversify your portfolio. Goldco is one of the most popular gold IRA companies around and they offer a wide range of services and products. In this review, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of Goldco to help you decide if it’s the right fit for you.

Pros of Goldco

Goldco is one of the leading companies in its field, boasting proven results and a long track record of positive customer reviews. They specialize in retirement planning, wealth management, and secure storage solutions. Their services are designed to help their clients prepare for retirement by creating secure and financially sound portfolios across a variety of sectors.

Here are some of the pros that Goldco offers:

  • Customized portfolios tailored to investor’s needs – Goldco can offer customized portfolios that fit an individual’s financial goals, income levels, risk tolerance, and time horizon for future investments.
  • Access to top advisors – Goldco’s team of experts includes financial advisors from Merrill Lynch, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC., UBS Financial Services Inc., Wells Fargo Advisors LLC., and Charles Schwab & Co Inc. They offer a wide array of wealth management advice and can customize financial plans for any investor’s unique situation.
  • Secure storage solutions – Goldco provides secure deposit boxes so that investors have full oversight over the safety and security of their assets while they invest with them. They also provide gold IRA services which allow clients to purchase physical gold as part of their retirement portfolios – guaranteeing extra protection against inflation or market fluctuations due to geopolitical influences or economic issues.
  • Low entry points – Goldco has no account minimums meaning investors can enter at any budget level (as low as $25/month). This makes it easier for beginning investors who want to get started with investing but may not have a large amount to invest initially – yet still aim towards reaping rewards in the future as they grow their investment funds over time.

Cons of Goldco

Goldco is a company that provides comprehensive services tailored to meet the needs of those looking to invest in precious metals. While it’s services may be attractive to many investors, there are some potential drawbacks one should consider before using Goldco.

  • Firstly, since Goldco is not a broker or dealer and instead relies on third-party storage for its clients’ assets, there are fees included for storage and other services that may not be transparent until after signing up for the service.
  • In addition, it’s important to consider your own risk tolerance when investing with Goldco as their approach to managing clients’ investments relies heavily on diversification which indirectly incurs additional costs associated with underperforming investments and illiquid assets.
  • Finally, while the company may offer competitive pricing on their products and convenient ways to purchase assets such as tax-deferred IRAs and 401ks, Goldco does not manage these accounts itself but rather partners with outside custodians which further complicates management fees and can cause confusion for those unfamiliar with setting up investment accounts.

Though these points need consideration when taking advantage of previously mentioned features offered by Goldco, investors should also prepare and do their research beforehand as even one cautionary step can prevent financial hardship.

Fees and Pricing

Goldco is a very popular gold IRA services provider with extensive expertise in the field. Before you decide to go with them, it is important to consider the fees and pricing that they provide.

Goldco charges a flat rate for their services, which makes the pricing straightforward and easy to understand. Additionally, you can expect a wide range of options for their fees and charges, depending on the complexity of your requirements.

Let’s dive deeper into their fees and pricing:

Storage fees

Goldco’s storage fees are often one of the most important factors for customers when considering a gold IRA or other investment. On the outside, storage fees may seem like a small amount of money, but taken over the life of an account, those fees can add up significantly. Fortunately, Goldco does not overcharge for storage and their fees are below the industry average.

Goldco’s storage fees begin at 0.45% and scale up depending on how much metal you have in your account. Large accounts will receive notice if they qualify for a lower rate, while smaller accounts are given better rates simply because they don’t have as much gold stored. The nice thing about Goldco is that their maximum fee is still lower than many competitors, so there’s no worry about being hit with extra charges down the line.

The cost of storing gold is maintained through third-party depositories such as Brinks Global Services and Delaware Depository Service Company (DDSC), both of which guarantee protection against previous owners, natural disasters and theft proving secure safeguarding without any headaches from accidental losses or breakage. Each company offers a variety of services to help store your holdings in secure vaults across North America ensuring there is always access to your investment when you need it most.

Overall, Goldco offers competitive pricing at all levels – from small investors to high-value clients – making them a solid choice for anyone looking to diversify their portfolio with precious metals investing.

Trading fees

Goldco has competitive trading fees. This broker charges no initial deposits or inactivity fees, and all account types are commission-free. Orders execution fees are applicable but vary depending on the asset you trade.

  • For stocks and ETFs, Goldco charges a $1 fee per order regardless of the size of the order.
  • For mutual funds, there is a flat fee of $14.95 to buy shares and no charge when selling them.
  • For cryptocurrency, traders pay nothing when buying but 0.25% when selling BTC and 0.50% for other altcoins.

As far as margin fees go, you will only have to worry about an overnight funding rate (also known as rollover fees). This rate depends on the leverage level for your positions, the market rate for overnight borrowing and will be added or deducted from your account balance daily according to your position’s size and direction (long or short).

Goldco provides dynamic spreads on CFDs forex trading so there are no additional trading costs involved with this product apart from the spread itself – there is no commission nor extra fees here regardless of what currency pair you trade or what leverage level you use; however, bear in mind that all CFD products are leveraged, so losses can exceed deposits when volatility increases during times of uncertainty on high leveraged positions.

Account Types

Goldco offers a variety of account types to meet the needs of every type of investor. From self-directed retirement accounts to alternative investments, Goldco has something for everyone.

Let’s take a closer look at the various account types available from Goldco and the benefits they offer:

Individual accounts

For individual customers, Goldco offers its Atticus Club, which includes a range of products that can help you diversify your portfolio and take advantage of multiple growth opportunities. These accounts are ideal for investors who want to use the features that Goldco offers but also design a custom portfolio.

Individual account options include:

  • Traditional IRA: This retirement account allows individuals to set aside pre-taxed money so it can grow tax-deferred until withdrawn in retirement.
  • Roth IRA: Roth IRAs are funded with after-tax money and grow tax-free, so investors can enjoy tax savings when cashing out at retirement.
  • SEP/SIMPLE IRA: This type of IRA is designed for business owners and small companies looking for an easy way to manage their employees’ retirement plans. SEP and SIMPLE IRAs have different contribution limits, so you will need to speak with an advisor about which plan is best for your situation.
  • Individual 401K: This type of 401K offers the same benefits as other 401Ks but is tailored specifically for individuals who don’t have access to employer sponsored plans. It allows holders to make their own investment decisions with no restrictions on contributions or withdrawals, allowing greater control over their retirement funds.
  • Coverdell Education Savings Account (ESA): An ESA provides an opportunity to save or invest money on a tax advantaged basis while obtaining higher rates of return. Contributions are not subject to federal income taxes and are subject to same federal rules as an IRA account. Qualified withdrawals from the ESA will also be exempt from federal income taxes as long as they are used towards qualified education expenses such as tuition fees, books, supplies and room & board expenses at accredited schools.

Joint accounts

Joint Accounts are financial accounts that are jointly held by two or more individuals. Many different types of financial accounts can be opened as joint accounts; this includes checking and savings accounts, credit cards and certificates of deposit (CDs).

When a joint account is opened, all parties have equal access to the funds in the account, unless otherwise specified by the bank or institution.

Having a joint account allows an individual to pool their resources with another person to save or invest more money than they could on their own. This type of account is often used by couples or other people who are financially tied together and want an easy way to manage shared expenses. Joint accounts can be beneficial if one person has difficulty managing their finances responsibly, but it can also be risky as anyone on the account will have full access to all funds without notice.

While there is no limit on how many individuals may open a joint account, most banks limit the number of signers on any one banking product to two people total. When creating a joint checking or savings account, both parties must present proper identification such as a driver’s license in order for their names to appear on the contract and signature card. Also keep in mind that when closing a joint-account all parties must be present with valid ID’s in order for it to close correctly.

IRA accounts

If you are interested in investing for retirement, an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) may be right for you. An IRA makes it easy to grow your savings and prepare for the future. Goldco offers several different types of IRAs, each with its own set of features and benefits.

  • Traditional IRA: Traditional IRAs are one of the most popular retirement vehicles available today. The Traditional IRA allows investors to make annual contributions that can be deducted from their taxable income, allowing them to immediately reap tax advantages for their investment contributions. Furthermore, investments in the account then compound and grow without incurring additional taxes until the funds are withdrawn in retirement. The contribution limit for 2020 is $6,000 for all traditional IRAs combined per taxpayer but increases to $7,000 if you are age 50 or older at any point during the year (“catch-up contribution”).
  • Roth IRA: A Roth IRA has a different tax structure than a traditional IRA – contributions aren’t deductible but distributions aren’t taxable as long as certain conditions are met after five years of ownership have passed. That means if you expand your Roth with earnings and gains over time, when withdrawals commence in retirement those funds will typically come out tax-free. 2020 Roth IRA contribution limits are $6,000 per individual under age 50 with a catch up limit of $7,000 ($1K more than Traditional IRAs) when they reach age 50 or older before December 31st of said year.
  • SIMPLE IRA: A SIMPLE (Savings Incentive Match Plan) is designed as a straightforward retirement plan for small business owners who don’t need complicated 401(k) plans or who want to provide employer-sponsored account benefit without managing complicated administrative tasks. Under a SIMPLE IRA plan both employers and employees can make regular contributions – matching employer contributions up to 3% of employee wages – into employee accounts during each year participating in the plan up to a maximum salary deferral contribution amount specified by federal law. The maximum salary deferral contribution amount is $13500 ($16500 for employees over 50).


Security is a key factor when it comes to investing in gold. Therefore, you want to be sure that your investments are secure and that your money is safe with Goldco. To assess the security of Goldco, we will look at Goldco’s storage solutions, insured protection options, account security and their customer service. Let’s dive into the details:

  • Storage solutions
  • Insured protection options
  • Account security
  • Customer service

Goldco’s security measures

Goldco has taken a number of steps to ensure the security of its platform, customers, and investments. All members are subject to third-party background checks to ensure that individuals, who wish to open an account with Goldco, meet the company’s standards for credibility. Furthermore, Goldco ensures that all purchases are safeguarded through the use of a three-part authentication system on every transaction.

  • The user must provide verification through:
    • a preferred device (ie smartphone);
    • approved payment method;
    • secure login credentials.

Additionally, Goldco administers sophisticated encryption technology and strict policies across all facets of their business operations as well as regular monitoring of accounts in order to stay abreast of any potential fraud or suspicious activity. Goldco also offers optional insurance coverage to provide customers with additional peace of mind when investing in precious metals.

Storage and insurance

The security of your gold and other precious metals is a vital consideration when it comes to investing. Goldco Precious Metals offers insured storage which guarantees that all assets are stored safely in their depositories. All assets are fully audited and tracked ensuring positive chain of custody protocols, including ongoing confirmation of all locations, verification of weights and measures, as well as evidentiary testing for precious metal purity.

Goldco uses bullion storage facilities with top-tier ratings from S&P Global Ratings–the only firm authorised by the US federal government to rate such secure facilities. In addition to safekeeping, these facilities provide full value insurance coverage and protection offered by Lloyd’s of London and other standard bearer insurance providers. This specialized coverage comes at no additional cost to you, providing superior asset security that would be costly or even impossible outside a professional vaulting program.

Goldco provides long-term customers with an option for segregation which is the separation of their metals into different lots held within separate individual accounts; affording additional state-of-the art protection upon request for an annual administrative fee charge against the account holder’s balance due.

Customer Service

Customer service is an essential part of any company offering any products or services. Goldco has earned mixed reviews from customers in regards to their customer service. Some customers have reported good experiences, while other customers found their customer service lacking. We will discuss Goldco’s customer service in more detail in this review.


Goldco offers customers 24/7 customer service. Whether customers need assistance with placing an order, getting a quote, or discussing currencies available for purchase, Goldco provides comprehensive customer service and guidance. Goldco employees can be reached through the website via email or telephone. The toll-free hotline guarantees that customers will be connected directly with an agent within a few minutes of calling.

In addition to phone support, the company also offers complimentary live chat services on their website in order to get immediate answers to questions and receive more information about their services. In addition, they offer additional resources such as educational videos and informative webinars aimed at helping customers understand currency markets better and make wise purchasing decisions.

Although Goldco does not have local branches throughout the US, all of their customer service agents can help guide customers who may have questions based on their specific geographic locations and needs.

Quality of service

Goldco prides itself on providing excellent customer service and dedication to its clients’ needs. The company has developed a wide range of customer service features and customer-oriented strategies to ensure every client is completely satisfied with the services they receive.

The knowledgeable and friendly team at Goldco provides unparalleled service to its customers, striving to answer any questions they may have or provide help when needed. The firm is committed to providing quality and timely help irrespective of the situation or request from their clients.

The team at Goldco boasts certified professionals who are well-versed in the services offered and can guide customers through any process quickly, accurately, and efficiently. Customers can contact the knowledgeable representatives via email, phone, or even live chat support in order to gain valuable information quickly. Additionally, customers who want more in-depth assistance can be put in touch with local representatives in their area who offer personalized attention and advice on how to optimize their investments within Goldco’s range of services.


After reviewing Goldco, it is safe to say that this is a reliable and trusted provider in the precious metals industry. They offer a wide selection of products and services, with competitive prices. Their website is easy to use and customer service is friendly and helpful.

Goldco has been operating since 2006 and their experience in the gold IRA market has allowed them to become one of the most trusted providers in the market. They offer a 7-day right of rescission, which means you can cancel your account within 7 days if you’re not satisfied with their services. This policy allows customers more peace of mind when purchasing from Goldco as they are more protected under this guarantee, something that many other gold IRA companies do not offer.

Overall, Goldco offers a solid range of gold investment services that rivals many other providers in the gold IRA market – making them an ideal provider for those looking to invest in physical gold or silver via an IRS-approved account like a Roth or traditional IRA or 401(k). Their customer service team is knowledgeable and eager to answer questions about their products or services, so choosing Goldco as your precious metals supplier will ensure you have access to professional advice every step of the way.

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